About Us

Everyone loves dinosaurs, and at Fossil Reproductions our goal is to offer quality fossil replicas and casts that are affordable, artistically pleasing, scientifically accurate, and educational. Our products have been enjoyed by the individual collector and enthusiast and used in the class room to give a hands-on experience for children and adults.

We are located in the heart of Utah's Dinosaur Land, near Dinosaur National Monument.  Dinosaur Land is part of the Dinosaur Diamond in eastern Utah and western Colorado.  In the Diamond are such famous dinosaur sites as Dinosaur National Monument, Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, Dalton Wells Quarry, Fruita Paleontological Area, and the Dry Mesa Quarry, to name a few.


Many spectacular fossil specimens are in the exhibits or the collections of museums and other research institutions.   Although we can all enjoy those museum specimens, we can't own them.  You'll never own a complete sauropod skeleton, unless you are very rich and have a very big living room.  Our sculptures and replicas bridge the gap between the museum and the individual, allowing you to own a piece of the past.  Heck, you can even get a sauropod skeleton that fits on your desk.   

We realize that dinosaur enthusiasts are always looking for new items to study and add to their collection.  To that end, we offer a number of unusual specimens that are not available elsewhere. Juvenile dinosaurs are rare but we have a number of bones, such as the Allosaurus fragilis femur and ilium, which come from a "chick" only a fraction of adult size. The life of a dinosaur was not an easy one and injury and sickness were an everyday hazard. We carry casts of several very striking pathologies such as fractures that have rehealed, bones that have fused, or infections which caused painful erosion of the bone with deep pus-draining pits.

Our scale model sculptures are hand sculpted, molded, and individually hand painted. Because of our emphasis on education, each sculpture comes with a pamphlet about the specific specimen sculpted, general information about the fossil group which it belongs to and a recommended reading for those who want to learn more.

Our fossil casts are made from an original fossil and faithfully reproduce all the details of the original. Each cast comes with an informative card.

Because different minerals may be involved in the fossilization process, the bones from each quarry may have a distinctive color. This can range from the black of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, to the brown and grey of Dinosaur National Monument, to the near white of the Jurassic giant Saurophaganax.  Both sculptures and casts are individually hand-painted to match the color of the original. Where there is some restoration on the cast, that is made subtly visible through a slight change of texture.