Soft Shell Turtle
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Soft Shell Turtle

Eocene, western US

While their bulky shell and slow locomotion appear to be drawbacks, turtles are one of the longest lived and most successful groups of reptiles. In fact, the oldest known fossil turtles were contemporaries of the first dinosaurs. This replica is of a fossil turtle, only 50 million years old, from lake deposits in the Green River Formation.  It belongs to a group known as soft shelled turtles.  In these turtles the shell is reduced, with the boney shell margin consisting of little more than pointed prongs of bone.

This specimen shows three large holes on the back half of the shell.  These are probably puncture marks from the bite of a crocodile that may have been the cause of death. 

Comes with an illustrated and informative brochure.

Size: 12” long  9” wide

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Soft Shell Turtle

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