Allosaurus tooth, side tooth
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Allosaurus fragilis, lateral (side) tooth with root                                                                    

Late Jurassic, western North America.

The teeth in the dinosaur Allosaurus are not especially large but they are pointed and recurved for puncturing and holding onto flesh.  Along the front and back edges of tooth are small serrations for cutting into muscle.  The side-to-side flattening of this tooth crown is characteristic for a tooth from the side of either the upper or lower jaw.  This dinosaur fossil replica is not of a tooth shed during the life of the Allosaurus, because a shed tooth lacks a root. The large elliptical depression on the tooth's inner side is where the crown of the replacement tooth pressed against it.  This complete tooth probably fell out of the jaw of an Allosaurus after the animal was dead.

The fossil cast comes with an informative label.

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Allosaurus tooth, side tooth

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