Allosaurus furcula
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Allosaurus  furcula wish bone                                                                   

Late Jurassic, western North America.

The furcula, or wish bone, is an important component of the flight apparatus of birds.  Not only do flight muscles attach to it, but it also serves as a sort of spring to store and release energy during each flap of the wing. For many years the furcula was thought to be a hallmark of birds.  Its discovery in some coelurosaur theropod dinosaurs supported the origin of birds from dinosaurs.  However, recent discoveries of a furcula in more primitive theropods such as Allosaurus and Syntarsus shows that the furcula is a feature of all theropod dinosaurs. Allosaurus was certainly a dinosaur that didn't fly, so the function of the furcula in Allosaurus remains a scientific mystery.  It may be a mystery, but here's a chance to own a fossil replica of one of these rarely preserved bones from the famous Allosaurus fragilis.

This fossil cast comes with an informative card.

Size: 11" wide

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Allosaurus furcula

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