Allosaurus arm bones pathological and normal set
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Allosaurus fragilis, pathological and normal radius forearm bone set       

Late Jurassic, western North America.

Life as a dinosaur predator was rough and tumble.  Battling for prey, carcasses, mates, and territory could easily result in an injury.  Although it is not unusual to see a pathology in the bones of Allosaurus, these injuries are rarely seen in museum exhibits. This juvenile Allosaurus forearm bone was injured during life, but the large amount of roughened bone that formed over the break as it healed shows that the animal lived long after the injury. The break did get infected and the deep grooves (lesions) penetrated the bone and allowed pus to drain. A cast of an uninjured radius is included for comparison.

This fossil replica comes with an informative card.

Size: Normal and pathological dinosaur bone 6" long    

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Allosaurus arm bones pathological and normal set

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